Screen Reading software allows the user to have text read back by each word, sentence, paragraph or selected text as the User types.

The voices can be adjusted to suit the individual requirements of the User by altering the pitch, speed, volume and / or word pause.

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Read & Write

The 'Read & Write' training, is very much tailored to the ‘user’ and can therefore vary from course to course. Detailed below however, is the training schedule for a typical training day ;

 ·        Speech

•      Setting up the voice.

•      Customising voice speed, pitch, etc.

•      Setting speech options.

·        Reading Documents

•      How to read text  documents.

•      Reading e-mails.

·        Spell Check

•      Setting up the spell checker.

•      Using it in 'real time'.

·        Homophone

•      How the homophone checker works.

•      Setting the options.

·        Word Prediction

•      Predicting your next word.

•      How to accept suggestions.

·        Web Highlighting

•      Using the internet.

•      Reading text from web sites.

Users generally undertake a full 1-day course (at their place of work) & often find a 2nd day useful (some time after the initial training) to review problems / discuss options etc.


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