Voice / Speech recognition is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of software development. 

Speech products are now available to dictate into popular word processing packages e.g. MS Word, at speeds up to 120 words / minute.

We provide training covering the following packages ;

Dragon Naturally Speaking




Dragon Naturally Speaking

The Dragon Naturally Speaking (DNS) training, is very much tailored to the ‘user’ and can therefore vary from course to course. Detailed below however, is the training schedule for a typical training day ;

 ·        Create The User Voice File.

•      Explain How DNS ‘Works’.

•      How Do You Dictate Using DNS ?

•      What Is The DNS Window ?

·        Carry Out Initial Voice File Training.

•      Where Is The Voice File Stored ?

•      Backing Up The Voice File.

·        Dictating To DNS.

•      Viewing The Vocabulary.

•      Dictating ‘Ordinary’ Text.

•      Dictating Dates.

•      Dictating Numbers.

·        How To Correct Errors.

•      When DNS Has Made An Error.

•      When The User Changes His / Her Mind.

·        Customising Your Vocabulary From Your Existing Documents.

•      Using The Vocabulary Builder.

•      Adding Documents To The Builder.

•      Training New Words.

·        Adding Phrases Or Abbreviations.

•      Understanding How To Dictate An Abbreviation.

•      What Abbreviations Are Already In The Vocabulary ?

·        Using The DNS Command Wizard - Creating DNS Commands. (DNS  Professional Only)

•      What Is A DNS Command ?

•      How Do You Create & Modify Commands.

·        Customising DNS To Your Work Environment.

•      Using DNS With MS Word.

•      Using Templates & Other Word Features.

Users generally undertake a full 1-day course (at their place of work) & often find a 2nd day useful (some time after the initial training) to review problems / discuss dictation options etc.


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